Trajectory Optimizer for Walking Robots - generates physically feasible motions for legged robots by solving an optimization problem. A Centroidal model of the dynamics, physical constraints as well as a desired goal position are given to the solver that then generates the motion plan. TOWR generates 5 step monoped hopping, biped walking, or a complete quadruped trotting cycle, while optimizing over the gait and step durations, in less than 100ms.

Xpp is a collection of ROS-packages for the visualization of motion plans for floating-base robots. Apart from drawing support areas, contact forces and motion trajectories in RVIZ, it also displays these plans for specific robots. Current robots include a one-legged, a two-legged hopper, HyQ and a quadrotor.

Ifopt is a unified Eigen-based interface to use Nonlinear Programming solvers, such as Ipopt and Snopt. The user defines the solver independent optimization problem by set of C++ classes resembling variables, cost and constraints. Subsequently, the problem can then be solved with either solver. This package can also be dropped in your catkin workspace.

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